PR + Media Events

PR and Media Events !

PR does not stand for a press release! Not at Become, anyway. The most effective PR starts with strategy, enforced by thinking that considers all of the available avenues for reaching the right audiences at the right time with the right messages. 
Traditional media has changed dramatically. With greater competition and fewer coverage opportunities, the knowledge of media landscape and targeted pitching becomes ever more important. Digital media, through the creation, curation, and sharing of content, adds a never-before-seen opportunity to target with pinpoint precision, as well as an element of message control not available through traditionally earned media placements.

Social media provides an opportunity to connect directly with consumers, customers, and colleagues. It further leads to participating in the conversation, sharing expertise, information and opinions. But, earned media is still important—and our media relations skills are foundational to our ability to reach different audiences, critical in today’s 24/7 world. 


The best PR combines integrated approaches to frequently reach various audiences. As we like to say, multifaceted thinking begets multifaceted success.

You’ll find our national public relations clients on television, in top-tier mass media, niche vertical outlets, keynoting panels, authoring bylines, “owning” trade shows and conferences, as well as all over the web – creating, driving, following, and sharing content across the channels most relevant to them.

At Become Creative, our differentiator is our competitive hunger to continually seek the best opportunities and to never be satisfied until we’ve succeeded in getting our public relations clients where they need to be.