This year, our Brand Accelerator program will give 12 business owners the irresistible branding they need to: 


Attract a consistent flow of seemingly hand-picked leads without constantly buying ads. Break free from income and growth limitation, even if they’ve been stuck for years. Cut through the noise of competitors who are out-shouting each other for your prospects’. Take the stress out of marketing by becoming an attractive brand, rather than just another seller! 


Want to be one of them? Then book a call with us today! BUT FIRST, LET’S GET SOMETHING IMPORTANT OUT OF THE WAY. 


Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you that we waste no time. Not ours, and definitely not yours. So, we want to make it crystal clear that you will get truly epic value out of this program if taken seriously. This may sound a bit harsh, but we’d rather not take up your time if this service isn’t going to be a good fit. 


The Brand Accelerator program is an excellent fit for you if: 

You’re committed to not being “just another business,” but instead, want to truly stand out among your competitors. You want to help more people (and make more money) without working harder. 


You’re serious enough about your success to invest $50-100K in your business over the next year. You’re willing to answer the hard questions to dial into your perfect audience’s needs and expectations. 


You understand that growth isn’t linear – it comes from both your successes and challenges. You’re thrilled by the idea of tapping into the experience and insights of a [12]-year veteran branding expert who has helped countless clients grow 7-figure businesses!

The Brand Accelerator program is NOT for you if:

You feel entitled to success just because you started a business but aren’t willing to put the work in to get there. 


You’re an info-junkie who loves to learn but never gets around to implementing. (And you’ve probably got a few untouched courses and programs gathering dust on your hard drive, too). 


You’re not willing to put yourself out there and attract attention from the exact clients you want to work with. You’re protective of your “play small” mindset and resist any challenges to that mindset. You insist on figuring out branding by yourself, even if it means delaying your success by years or even decades!


Identify your ideal clients During the first phase, our strategy call will focus on getting clear on the people you want to serve, and the frustrations and challenges that make your offers attractive to them. This process alone will help you reach your business goals years faster and avoid TONS of wasted money and effort! 

Mapping your customer journey To effectively connect with your ideal buyers, you need to understand their “customer journey” – how they go from finding out who you are to becoming your biggest fans. We’ll map out that journey during our Phase 2 strategy call, giving you the insights to attract exceptional clients instead of losing them to your competitors!

Our strategy call will focus on defining critical elements of your brand, including your brand’s tone, style, culture, and vision. That allows you to communicate your brand consistently, earning your audience’s respect, trust, and loyalty.

Prioritizing your goals It’s easy to spend all your time chasing goals that don’t truly contribute to your success. In Phase 4’s strategy call, we’ll prioritize tasks and goals so you make consistent progress… and so your brand can deliver your message effectively! Phase 5: Marketing positioning, packaging, and pitching In. 

We’ll focus on positioning your brand and packaging your offers for maximum results. I’ll also help you develop unique practices for pitching in a way that resonates with your ideal prospects and creates a real desire for your products and services.

Brand design + execution In the final phase of the Brand Accelerator program, we’ll focus on creating visual designs (online and offline) that reflect your brand and propel you far ahead of your competitors. And you’ll get detailed action steps to execute your plan and bring your stunning new brand to life!